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    Terry Plank

    Terry Plank I went from agnostic to believer to atheist.  After my first 2 years of college and marriage  I became a “born again” Christian in the Church of Christ. Eventually I became an elder in the church, & after 5 years in retail management after college, I earned an M.Div. at Fuller Theological Seminary, and served 5 churches as a pastor. One of those churches included a street ministry in Venice CA in the 70’s.

    Gretta Vosper

    grettaI am one of the lucky ones and am able to be honest about my beliefs in the congregation I serve, a congregation of The United Church of Canada. I have served West Hill,, for fifteen years. About three years into my ministry there, I was awakened to the reality that many of my congregants had not assimilated the progressive “metaphorical” understandings of Christianity that I had been exposed to throughout my

    John Harkey Gibbs

    jhg Early in the summer of 1982 prior to my beginning seminary in the fall, I was appointed as a licensed local pastor to a part time pastorate in a small town congregation.  My first year of seminary completely stripped away my naïve faith and provided nothing to take its place except skepticism and doubt.  I didn’t become an atheist at that point, but I did reject much of Christianity.  I came to believe that the divine incarnation and resurrection of Jesus were