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    Calvin King


     I’m a former Mennonite minister who served in two congregations in Kansas for a total of 30 years before resigning and entering the business world as a human resource manager.

    I distinctly remember reading through the Bible in 6 months when I was eight years old. I was surprised by God’s anger and destructiveness. Still I believed.

    In seminary, I discovered the humanness of the Bible: it was based on earlier mythologies, variant manuscripts, and conflicting accounts. Yet I believed.

    Robert Crompton


    It was November 1965 when, while still in my early twenties, I walked out of the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses as a disfellowshipped person.

    Because I had come to disagree – quite strongly, in fact – with many of the teachings of the Watch Tower Society, I was summoned before a judicial committee to give an explanation for myself. They probed and questioned, and questioned me again. Surely this was all just to cover up some other wrong-doing, some immorality? No, it was not. It was simply what I said it was – my disagreement with Watch Tower teaching.