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    John Laughlin


    John serves on TCP's Screening Committee.

    Where to start??? I grew up in the home of a Southern Baptist minister in North Carolina.  I started Wake Forest College (WF) in 1960 and graduated in 1967. I would say that is because I am a slow learner but the truth is I dropped out of college in the fall of my sophomore  year and spent the next 3 years in the US Army (doesn’t mean that I’m NOT a slow learner!).  Was sent to Taiwan after specialized training in the ASA (Army Security Agency).  The best part about that tour of duty was learning to love freshly brewed hot tea! I drink a lot of it every day.  (I think that is what gives me my youthful appearance so clearly seen  in my picture above!).

    Vic Milne

    My single-parent mother was not excessively religious, but she sometimes told me Bible stories with the assumption that they were true. She also sent me to a fundamentalist Sunday School because it was the nearest church. She attended church for a while but then stopped going. I didn’t know it at the time, but she was turned off because the congregation leaders canned the pastor in a very dirty way—gave him a pair of airline tickets to visit his home in Scotland, but when he came back to Canada, his job was gone. Mom kept sending me to Sunday School, until at the age of 11, I announced that I didn’t want to go anymore, and she didn’t put up a fight about it. I remember that when a census was taken in my teens, I insisted on being designated an agnostic. However, that didn’t last.