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    Ches Smith


    In Southern Baptist circles, they say “once saved, always saved” as if there’s no going back. They say something similar about alcoholics so I can’t help but picture myself seated in a circle in the middle of a gymnasium, waiting for my turn to stand up and say, “Hi. My name is Ches and I’m a Jesuholic.”

    Anyway, I’m from Houston, married with three children, and I work as a computer tech at a middle school. I have a background in art and I’m also an author. My first novel, Under the Suns, was published in August 2014.

    John Laughlin


    John serves on TCP's Screening Committee.

    Where to start??? I grew up in the home of a Southern Baptist minister in North Carolina.  I started Wake Forest College (WF) in 1960 and graduated in 1967. I would say that is because I am a slow learner but the truth is I dropped out of college in the fall of my sophomore  year and spent the next 3 years in the US Army (doesn’t mean that I’m NOT a slow learner!).  Was sent to Taiwan after specialized training in the ASA (Army Security Agency).  The best part about that tour of duty was learning to love freshly brewed hot tea! I drink a lot of it every day.  (I think that is what gives me my youthful appearance so clearly seen  in my picture above!).