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    EJ Hill


    My name is EJ Hill. I converted to Christianity on the 6th of November 1993, at the age of 16.

    Since my conversion I have worked as a short-term missionary with Operation Mobilization (OM), church-planter with Wayman Mitchell’s Christian Fellowship Churches, pastor, apologist, and continuity presenter for Radio 7 FM [now closed], managed to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology (BA.Th) at Miracle Bible C ollege (MBC), and a number of other theological certifications (Th.Cert) and diplomas, through the Bible Way Corres pondence School, International Bible School, Lutheran Hour, Source of Light Schools, Tripp Bible Institute, Tygerberg Bible School, World Bible School, and the Universal Life Church (ULC).

    I have been a very dedicated student of Christianity, for the better part of my life. Spent countless hours studying the Bible. Wrote hundreds of articles on Church History, Christology, Sacramentology, Arminianism, Calvinism, Bible Difficulties, Seeming Contradictions, Iconography, Roman Catholicism, Tormentism, Conditionalism, and Annihilationism – to name but a few.

    My search for truth took me from Arminianism to C alvinism; from Paedobaptism to Credobaptism; from Libertarianism to Compatibilism; from Cessationism to Continuationism; fr om Intermediate Consciousness to Intermediate Unconsciousness [Psychopannych ism]; from Universal Immortality to Conditional Immortality [Conditionalism]; and finall y [after 21 years] from Christianity to Atheism.

    Unlike many atheists, my ‘fall from grace’ [that is my deconversion] was NOT the result of scientific evidence, peer pressure, doubt, or personal ‘sin’ – but the direct result of an honest and unbiased, look at the issues surrounding Scribal Errors, Slavery, Misogyny, Infanticide, the Kalām Cosmological Argument, etc.