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    Tony D

    tony d

    I grew up in a proud United Pentecostal Church family in the Bible Belt. Words and concepts like “holiness,” “shouting,” “anointing,” and “apostolic” were and are important in UPC circles. For those unfamiliar with the jargon, these terms stand for rigid codes of physical dress and behavior, highly physical expressions of worship, a belief that followers could be “in tune” with the Holy Ghost (speaking in tongues is required as “proof” of being filled with the Spirit, which is necessary for salvation), and a literal translation and application of the whole Bible (as interpreted through the book of Acts as a lens). I know some of this sounds tedious to outsiders. I know some of it sounds ridiculous. But it was my sub-culture, my world, from the moment of birth, and to me, the idea that we were right and the rest of the world was wrong—it was a self-evident fact.

    Brandon Winningham


    My name is Brandon and I am an atheist. I am also a writer by hobby and love studying and reading Classical literature, English literature, and published a work of historical fiction in 2007 entitled “Catiline” based on the title characters uprising in republican Rome in 62 B.C.E.

    I’m 34 and married to a beautiful wife with two great kids, a boy and girl. I was raised in Michigan in a church affiliated with the United Pentecostal Church from the age of three when my mom started going again. She got out when her parents did when she was fifteen and at the age of thirty and after just losing her mom she decided to start again. My families holiness Pentecostal roots go back into the 1930’s on her side though my dad’s side is all Baptist.