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For current and former religious professionals without supernatural beliefs.
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    Our Directors and Staff

    The Clergy Project is a volunteer-led organization without any paid staff. Our leadership structure begins with the Board of Directors which oversees a network of committees, each filled with valuable people of incredible skill. As the old proverb goes, Many hands make light work!  

    The Board of Directors

    Lon Ostrander, President
    John Compere, Vice-President; Screening Committee Chair
    Stephen Vicaro, Treasurer; Finance Committee Chair
    Dave Warnock, Secretary
    Maureen “Carolyn” Hart, Director; Recruitment Chair
    Mason Lane, Director; Online Community Forum Committee Chair
    Adam Gonnerman, Director
    Colleen Jousma, Director
    Jeff Newport, Director
    Zach Williams, Director
    Dan Barker, Co-Founder & Director in Perpetuity

    The Committees

    Running a multifaceted non-profit requires commitment and a lot of hard work. In addition to the Board of Directors, a dedicated team of volunteers works behind the scenes ensuring the furtherance of the TCP Mission.

    As Board President, Lon Ostrander is an ad-hoc member of all committees. 

    Career Development Committee

    • JP Nicolais, Chair
    • Colleen Jousma; Board Representative

    Communications Committee

    • Ashley Jean Puckett, Chair, YouTube & Facebook
    • Jeff Newport, Twitter
    • Jamie Queen
    • Zack Williams, Website

    Executive Committee

    • Lon Ostrander, Board President
    • John Compere, Vice-President
    • Stephen Vicaro, Treasurer
    • Dave Warnock, Secretary

    Finance Committee

    • Stephen Vicaro, Treasurer and Committee Chair

    Online Community & Forum Committee

    • Mason Lane, Chair; Forums Moderator
    • Maureen “Carolyn” Hart, Forums Moderator
    • Charles Hill, Gatherings Subcommittee Chair
    • Matthew Hullinger, Meetup Administrator
    • Jamie Queen, Forums Administrator
    • Colleen Jousma, Meetup Admin
    • Zack Williams, Site Manager

    Recruitment Committee

    • Maureen “Carolyn” Hart, Chair
    • Mason Lane
    • Matt Hullinger

    Screening Committee

    • John Compere, Chair
    • Earl Cruzer
    • Maureen “Carolyn” Hart
    • Matthew Hullinger
    • Mason Lane
    • John Laughlin
    • Keith Robertson
    • Michael Thomas Tower