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For current and former religious professionals without supernatural beliefs.
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    Our Directors and Staff

    The Clergy Project is a volunteer-led organization without any paid staff. Our leadership structure begins with the Board of Directors which oversees a network of committees, each filled with valuable people of incredible skill. As the old proverb goes, Many hands make light work! 

    Board of Directors

    • Adam Gonnerman
    • Ashley Puckett
    • Charles Hill
    • Colleen Jousma
    • Earl Cruser
    • Jamie Queen
    • John Laughlin
    • Kenn Nilsen
    • Lon Ostrander
    • Luke Emrich
    • Mason Lane
    • Maureen Hart
    • Stephen Vicaro

    Volunteer Committees

    Running a multifaceted non-profit requires commitment and a lot of hard work. In addition to the Board of Directors, a dedicated team of volunteers works behind the scenes ensuring the furtherance of the TCP Mission.

    As Board President, Lon Ostrander is an ad-hoc member of all committees.

    Executive Committee

    • Lon Ostrander board president
    • Maureen Hart vice-president
    • Stephen Vicaro treasurer
    • Kenn Nilsen secretary
    • Dan Barker lifetime director emeritus

    Career Development Committee

    • Colleen Jousma chair
    • JP Nicolais

    Communications Committee

    • Ashley Puckett chair / YouTube & Facebook admin
    • Jamie Queen web / Twitter admin
    • Luke Emrich
    • Zack Williams web admin

    Counseling Committee

    • Kenn Nilsen chair
    • Lon Ostrander

    Finance Committee

    • Stephen Vicaro chair / treasurer
    • Adam Gonnerman

    Online Community & Forum Committee

    • Maureen Hart chair
    • Colleen Jousma assistant chair
    • Charles Hill forum admin
    • Jamie Queen forum / tech admin
    • Mason Lane forum admin
    • Wesley Nazeazeno forum / tech admin
    • Zack Williams forum admin

    Recruitment Committee

    • Maureen Hart chair
    • Mason Lane

    Screening Committee

    • Maureen Hart chair
    • Duane Grady
    • Earl Cruzer
    • John Compere
    • John Laughlin
    • John Warrington
    • Keith Robertson
    • Mason Lane
    • Michael Thomas Tower

    Tech Committee

    • Jamie Queen chair
    • Colleen Jousma secretary

    We've reached 1,000 participants!

    The Clergy Project has just reached a milestone of 1,000 verified non-believing clergy (current and former) participating!

    To read more, please check out this article on the Rational Doubt blog.