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For current and former religious professionals without supernatural beliefs.
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    Professional and Religious Backgrounds

    Religious Professions Represented

    TCP participants have served in a wide variety of religious professions, including rabbi, imam, pastor, priest, nun, monk, chaplain, evangelist, worship leader, religious counselor, missionary, and theologian. 

    ParticipantsPercentage (%)
    Currently Serving21225.3%
    Formerly Serving62674.7%

    Religious Traditions Represented 

    Beyond its initial focus on Christian clergy, TCP quickly broadened to include a wide range of religious traditions, including over thirty different streams of Christianity.

    ParticipantsPercentage (%)
    Native American Tribal Beliefs10.01%

    Christian Sects

    • Baptist
    • Catholic
    • Charismatic
    • Christian Scientist
    • Church of Africa
    • Church of Canada
    • Church of Christ
    • Church of God
    • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
    • Church of Scotland
    • Church of the Brethran
    • Community of Christ, Mormon
    • Disciples of Christ
    • Eastern Orthodox
    • Episcopal/Anglican
    • Jehovah’s Witnesses
    • Lutheran
    • Mennonite
    • Methodist
    • Nazarene
    • Nondenominational
    • Pentecostal
    • Presbyterian
    • Quaker
    • Reformed
    • Reformed Netherdutch
    • Salvation Army
    • Unitarian
    • United Church of Christ
    • Vineyard
    • Wesleyan

    Updated May 2017

    We've reached 1,000 participants!

    The Clergy Project has just reached a milestone of 1,000 verified non-believing clergy (current and former) participating!

    To read more, please check out this article on the Rational Doubt blog.