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For current and former religious professionals without supernatural beliefs.
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    Support the TCP Mission!

    At the Clergy Project, our members and participants have dedicated their lives toward the service of others. Sacrificing financial wealth and committing their education towards what was thought to be the betterment of society and things of eternal value.

    And now they need your help.

    Partner with The Clergy Project to help post-faith current and former pastors, priests, nuns, rabbis, imams, monks, and other religious professionals. Help them find strength and support, community and relationship, hope and confidence for tomorrow. Help them rebuild their lives and careers. Help them be reminded that they are not alone. 


    From the very beginning, The Clergy Project has been a team effort of the global secular community coming together to support non-believing clergy in transition. We believe the best way to help a newly deconverted minister is to put her or him in contact with other deconverted ministers who’ve made it safely to the other side. And we believe the best thing non-clergy can do is to provide these current and former religious leaders with the necessary tools and then step out of the way to let them do their thing, allowing them to come to each other’s aid in community, veterans tending to the needs of the wounded.

    But just as the larger secular community pooled resources to get this thing started back in 2011, so The Clergy Project continues to rely on the generous contributions of its non-clergy partners today. Your financial partnership makes our services possible. Please consider joining our team of supporters today! 

    Your support makes a difference.

    Help clergy help each other.

    Your financial partnership makes the following services possible:

    • OUR FLAGSHIP SERVICE: A secure, optionally-anonymous online community of former clergy, offering commiseration & mutual support
    • Career development programs & grants
    • Conference & regional meet-up funds & travel stipends 
    • Marketing materials to help get the word out to other stuck-in-the-closet religious leaders who don’t yet know TCP exists!  
    • New services always in the works! 

    “OK, you’ve convinced me—how can I help?”

    Partner with The Clergy Project financially

    Consistent support enables consistent services. Please consider a monthly commitment of even just $5 per month. Your partnership in our global project makes a tangible difference in the lives of distressed post-faith religious leaders who feel isolated and without options. 

    • Donate with PayPal

    Just click on the “Donate” button below and you’re on your way. If you’d like your gift to recur monthly, please remember to click the “Make this a monthly donation” box.

    • Donate with a Check


    Please send to the following address.

    Attn: The Clergy Project
    8800 49th St. N
    Suite 311
    Pinellas Park, Florida 33782

    • Matching Donations by Employers


    Check with your employer to see if they make matching donations to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.

    Help the cause just by shopping at Amazon!

    • AmazonSmile Charitable Program

    Start making all your normal Amazon purchases through AmazonSmile, the charitable purchasing program available at Smile.Amazon.com. Choose “Clergy Project” from their list of nearly one million organizations, and after a quick and easy setup process, Amazon will contribute 0.5% of purchase prices on nearly all products from any department that are ordered through this separate URL.

    • TCP Resource Page Purchases

    The Clergy Project also participates in Amazon.com’s affiliate program AmazonAssociates. Every time someone clicks on one of the linked books on our Resources page and purchases the book, TCP receives a portion of the sale price.

    So start shopping! 😉

    Note: This only pertains to the specific book linked from our site to that specific Amazon page. Any other books you click on once inside Amazon.com do not qualify for contribution.

    We've reached 1,000 participants!

    The Clergy Project has just reached a milestone of 1,000 verified non-believing clergy (current and former) participating!

    To read more, please check out this article on the Rational Doubt blog.